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BBI Project Development Webinar Series:
Part 2: Developing a Successful Plan and Attracting Investors to Your Biofuels Project
Recorded: May 13, 2015 | 2:00 PM CDT

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Tom Bryan

President, BBI International
Mark Yancey
Vice President, BBI Project Development
Jeff Kistner
President, Flag Leaf Financial Management Inc.
Kyle Althoff
President, Equinox

Join us for Part 2 in a series of webinars focused on how to develop a successful biofuel or bioenergy project. Part 2 will focus on how to develop and finance a Biofuels Project – including first and second generation ethanol projects, biodiesel and renewable diesel, jet fuel, butanol and more. Learn how to develop a project that investors will invest in and lenders will lend to. What are the essential steps from project concept to commercial operation? Learn what works and what to avoid from industry experts.

Our first webinar provided an overview of project development for biomass-based projects. With the International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and Trade Show just days away, this second webinar in the series will take a closer look at the nuances of biofuels project development, feedstock issues, and project finance for biofuels.